Weekly Lunch Seminar by Minako Kondo(3月17日)

The 6th Lunch Seminar

Prof. Minako Kondo

Dr. Minako Kondo

Lunch Seminar

Lunch Seminar

Date and time: Tuesday, March 17th, from 12:20.

Place: 理学部会議室 (Science Building 3, Room 207-209)

Speaker: Minako Kondo

Ultrafast dynamics of fluorescence probe molecules at the excited state using femtosecond time-resolved spectroscopy

The molecules at the electronically excited state lose the energy and relax to the ground state by interacting with or diffuse in its environment or chemical reaction, such as charge transfer, proton transfer, and isomerization reactions. Molecular interaction plays an essential role in the determination of the excited state chemical reaction and dynamics. One example is that the excited state intermolecular proton transfer reaction mechanism and dynamics of the chromophore in green fluorescence protein (GFP) was changed in the change of hydrogen bond interaction between chromophore and surrounding amino residues.

I have been studying about the excited state dynamics of fluorescence probe molecules in complex media in particular protein, micelles and ionic liquids as well as conventional solvents using time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy and visible pump IR probe spectroscopy.