Faculty & Staff

  • Program Members (inside)
    consist of full-time faculty members in Ochanomizu University.
    They are in charge of implementing this doctoral program and supporting PBTS activities.
  • Program Members (outside)
    consist of presidents and teachers in other universities, heads and researchers in research institutes, business managers, and so on.
    They join as members of advisory board for the implementation of our program and support for PBTS activities.
  • Leading Graduate School Promotion Center
    consists of Head of the center, Deputy Head, Center Officials, Center Staff and Study Commons teachers.

    • Center Officials and Operations Department:
      is in charge of carrying out affairs for selection of students, support of program coursework, procedure of QEs for degree certification, and preparation of Industry- Academia-Government cooperation for the program.
    • Study Commons:
      Teachers in Study Commons are in charge of research guidance for the students on Project Based Team Study (PBTS). They also take charge of education and research in their specialties that contribute to our program.