Final Symposium “Women PhDs’ Opportunities and Expectations as Future Global Leaders”

Women PhDs’ Opportunities and Expectations as Future Global Leaders

posterOur program, “Fostering long-term creativity and innovation with science and technology disciplines based on Ochanomizu spirit ‘Migakazuba’ in the next generation of global leaders”, was launched in 2013 with the aim of fostering global leaders in science and engineering with the basic skills of physics, mathematics, and computer science. Since then, it has been producing graduates with global leader competencies, who are now active in industry, government and academia.

In this symposium, alongside people actively involved in our program during the span of 7 years, we will explore new opportunities and expectations for women PhDs who aim at becoming leaders of science and engineering in the future.


Final Symposium “Women PhDs’ Opportunities and Expectations as Future Global Leaders”
Date & Time: Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020 13:00-16:00
Venue: Multi-purpose Hall, Hisao & Hiroko Taki Plaza, Ochanomizu University
(Admission free, prior registration required)


Session 1: Keynote Speeches

13:00-13:05 Opening Remarks
President of Ochanomizu University
13:05-13:25 Keynote Speech 1
“X-Biomer in-situ”
an example of the contribution of scientists to resource conservation
Mr. Luis López-Remón
Senior Vice-President, LANXESS Deutschland GmbH
Global Head of Business Unit Leather Chemicals
13:25-13:40 Keynote Speech 2
“Women PhDs expected to be active globally and Contribution of Leading Graduate Schools”
Dr. Nobuhiko Kubota
Director, IHI Corporation
General Manager of Business Development Department in Resources, Energy, Environment Business Area
13:40-14:00 Program Results Report
Prof. Hiroaki Yoshida (Head of Leading Graduate School Promotion Center)
Graduates of AY2017 and AY2018

– Break –
Parallel Session: Poster Session by program students at lobbie

Session 2: Final Qualifying Examination (fQE)

14:25-14:30 Introduction of fQE
Roxanna Yamamoto-Ravenor (Project Lecturer at Leading Graduate School Promotion Center)
14:30-15:55 fQE
fQE includes PBTS team presentations and individual presentations.
Anti-Aging Team (1 student)
Green Filtering Team (4 students)
15:55-16:00 Closing Remarks
Prof. Hiroaki Yoshida (Head of Leading Graduate School Promotion Center)

Networking Session

Networking Session will be held after Symposium.
Time: 16:15-17:15


Admission free, prior registration required
If you would like to participate, please apply by e-mail by January 14th.
E-mail address:
Subject: Symposium Participation Application
Please provide following items in your mail.
1. Your Name
2. Your Affiliation
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