Gender and Social Sciences

25.02.2022 Update

Taking the perspective of gender as a cue, this department reviews existing academic frameworks and their artifacts, and seeks to foster the analytical ability to elucidate various phenomena surrounding women, families, regions, nations, and other subjects from a global and interdisciplinary perspective, as well as the practical ability to propose solutions to specific challenges people face as a part of everyday life.

Courses on gender studies = Diverse courses covering everything from the basics to the cutting edge of gender studies. These are concentrated courses on gender that are designed to polish the ability to think critically about various issues in society and culture. They are also a path towards more advanced gender studies.

Courses on interdisciplinary methodology  = A group of courses designed to expand students’ perspectives and polish methodology. They include joint interdisciplinary seminars offered by faculties from different fields, as well as coursework related to survey methods (quantitative, qualitative, fieldwork, etc.). As a precondition for proceeding with their own research, these courses are aimed at training students to have a wide perspective and exacting methodology.

Courses on specialized subjects = These  courses cover disciplines such as geography, anthropology, area studies, development studies, jurisprudence, political science, economics, sociology, etc. Courses are designed to systematically teach students everything from the basics to advanced topics in each individual discipline.

A wide range of courses are also offered based on collaboration with gender research institutions both inside and outside Japan, affiliated international universities, the UNDP, and other international bodies.

Many students of Ochanomizu University apply themselves to studying under this major, as well as quite a few international exchange students, students from other universities, and graduate students who are already in the workforce.

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