Advanced Sciences

12.11.2019 Update

The ratio of young adults in Japan has been shrinking as society has started to rapidly age, as a result of that, we are almost in an era where young adults must support society. Japan will continue to be looked to for the role it plays in researching and developing natural and applied sciences to deal with this challenge. This program is based on a high level of specialized knowledge that is tied to technologies that actually help society. The skills of women are in demand in every field of scientific research and development. Students in the Advanced Sciences program attain a high level of specialized knowledge as well as basic knowledge in a wide range of fields, including mathematics, physics, chemistry and biochemistry, and computer science. This department seeks to foster highly creative students who can think for themselves with the deep and broad range of knowledge demanded in technological fields, where expectations for women to achieve are high. The Advanced Sciences program supports education and research that can help women enter and shine in society, with an emphasis on the entire course of their lives.

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