Greetings from the Dean(The Division of Life Sciences)

01.04.2019 Update

Greetings from the Dean

The phrase “life sciences” generally refers to the comprehensive study of organisms and biological phenomena. However, the phrase has a different nuance in our Division of Life Sciences. The word “life” in the broad sense means not only existence itself but also the way one lives and the events one experiences. The Division of Life Sciences engages in the scientific study of life according to this broader definition.

In terms of its connection to undergraduate education, our division integrates and builds on undergraduate coursework in the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Human Life and Environmental Sciences to implement education and research that cultivates the ability to perceive human beings from a broader perspective in terms of both their existence and lifestyles. Many difficult problems concerning life sciences in this broader sense are tied to such major social issues as the rapid aging of society, health maintenance, the environment, energy and a sustainable society. Sciences that are able to start with the very mechanisms of life are essential to facing these challenges and searching for solutions. Furthermore, sciences that can apply the truths thus discovered to actual everyday life are vital. The Division of Life Sciences is characterized by its promotion of research, exploring these two themes together rather than separately.

Five courses are offered under the doctoral program: Biological Sciences, Human-Environmental Sciences, Food and Nutritional Sciences, Genetic Counseling, and Disease Prevention Sciences. Basic science and its application; solutions to social challenges and their implementation―the multilayered activities involved in these efforts must be given form through the intellects and actions of each student.

That is by no means an easy task. Society, however, now requires such talented women with PhDs. Clear the research and challenges each field in this division covers are worth pursuing. We welcome everyone with the ambition to study life sciences, discover new research themes, and take on the challenge of solving them.

HATTA Masayuki
Dean of the Division of Life Sciences
April 1, 2019

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