Outline(The Division of Life Sciences)

28.03.2016 Update


The lives of human beings are possible only in harmony with the environment. However, in the pursuit of conveniences available with technological advances, it is undeniable that the Earth as an environment is facing a crisis. It is expected in these circumstances that life sciences, the study of life and daily living, will come to the forefront as the science of the 21st century.

In the Life Sciences graduate division, the existing academic fields of science, technology, and life sciences (which range from basic biological science to biotechnology) are integrated organically to provide a new kind of learning and research environment. The graduate division focuses on the global environment as it affects human beings and also healthy life-and-living styles to make the shift towards a sustainable world in which the human race and the environment can coexist. Based on these principles, the Life Sciences doctoral program will build on the interdisciplinary approach taken in the master's program and encourage advanced education in specialized fields to conduct highly original and advanced research.Five areas of study are established in this graduate division: Biological Sciences, Human Environmental Sciences, Food and Nutritional Sciences, Genetic Counseling, and Disease Prevention Science.

Department of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences involve the study of various organisms including the human being at the gene, genome, biomolecule, and cell levels, to bring to light the relationships between living beings and the environment.

Department of Human Environmental Sciences

Human Environmental Sciences focus on various environmental issues stemming from the daily lives of humans. Origins and characteristics of the human as a living being, human biophysiological mechanisms, as well as interactions between the human body and the environment will be examined.

Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences

Food and Nutritional Sciences range from basic food research to the development of applications. Research will involve establishing healthy food styles, analyzing and resolving issues in the prevention and medical care of lifestyle-related diseases, and examining food safety issues.

Department of Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counseling will foster educators and researchers of genetic conditions and related interdisciplinary issues who will become leading experts in genetic counseling.

Department of Disease Prevention Science

Disease Prevention Science is opened from April, 2014.

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