Essential Engineering & Technology for Global LeadersⅡto begin on April 12, 2017

 Class List of Spring Semester 2017

“Essential Engineering & Technology for Global LeadersⅡ” will begin on April 12. This is a lecture for students in “Minor Course of Science and Technology for Global Leaders”. But all master’s & doctoral students can take it if you have interest. The lecture will be conducted in English.

Lecture Theme & Objective

Prof. TripetteDo your own robot! This class is designed to help students with no background in engineering or programming to have a first experience in robotic. Students will form teams of 2-3 members and design a robot with features that match a given theme. They will engage into a game the aim of which is to build the best robot according to one given theme. Therefore, another important objective of the class is to improve students’ project management abilities.

Message to Students

Note that students do not need to have completed the Essential Engineering and Technology for Global Leaders – I to participate in this class. No engineering, robotic, programming or art background is required to attend this class. Easy-to-use educational material will be used. Students with different backgrounds are expected to take this class. Because most of the lectures are organized as a role-playing game, it is preferable to have as many students as possible. Do not hesitate to invite your lab mates and ochadai friends. Please, contact Julien at the following address for additional information:

Lecture Outline

Essential Engineering & Technology for Global LeadersⅡ [17S1023]
Number of Credits
Tripette, Julien (Project Associate Professor of Ochanomizu University)
Target Audience
Graduate Students
Comprehensive Research Building R805
Date & Time
April 12, Period 5-6 (13:20-14:50)
April 19, Period 5-6 (13:20-14:50)
April 26, Period 5-8 (13:20-16:30)
May 10, Period 5-8 (13:20-16:30)
May 17, Period 5-8 (13:20-16:30)
May 24, Period 5-8 (13:20-16:30)
May 31, Period 5-8 (13:20-16:30)
June 7, Period 5-8 (13:20-16:30)
June 14, Period 5-6 (13:20-14:50)
Lecture Schedule
The 2-3 first lectures will be given using ppt slides and will include practical works. The rest of the lectures consist in a role-playing game. The different teams will conduct a project the aim of which is to design and build a robot according to one given theme. Robots will be made using an Arduino card and craft materials.

  • (1h30): Guidance.
  • (1h30): Arduino Workshop.
  • (3h): Arduino Workshop.
  • (3h): Game: doing your robot
  • (3h): Game: doing your robot
  • (3h): Game: doing your robot
  • (3h): Game: doing your robot
  • (3h): Game: doing your robot
  • (1h30): Game final.


Registration Period: April 8 through 21
If you cannot register during above period, please submit a paper-based registration form at Academic Affairs Office in Student Affairs Building.


Ochanomizu University Leading Graduate School Promotion Center
Tel: 03-5978-5775