Greetings from the Dean(The Division of Advanced Sciences)

01.04.2019 Update

Greetings from the Dean

The Division of Advanced Sciences master’s program is comprised of four departments: the Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Department of Computer Science. These in turn are positioned above the departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Information Sciences in the Faculty of Science. The Division of Advanced Sciences was established in April 2007 as the successor to the Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences and the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science. In spite of this short history, we have turned out a large number of graduates. The word “science” remains part of the division’s title to express the importance we place on the search for truth, the drive to understand the reality behind anything and everything, even at the graduate school level.

Science and technology have enriched our lives. Basic science may contribute little directly, but it is essential to developments in science and technology. The pursuit of basic science that serves as a foundation for so many fields is as necessary as a broad base is for creating a pyramid.

Basic science is also closely tied to applied science. Applied research of surpassing quality requires a firm foundation. Further, by learning the fundamentals, one gains an understanding of the systems of study while at the same time cultivating scientific thinking abilities and logicality rooted in the fundamentals.

Science continues to advance with the passage of time. As such, the number of things to be explored only grows. For this reason, four years of undergraduate study are not enough to grasp all the facets of a field of specialization. The Division of Advanced Sciences master’s program provides a deeper, broader understanding of specialty fields and cultivates individuals with an appropriate understanding of their relevant field. I encourage you to explore your field in our division until you have gained sufficient comprehension and attained true competency, and to savor the breadth and depth of scholarship.


Dean of the Division of Advanced Sciences

April 1, 2019

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