Human Developmental Sciences

This program offers a wide range of courses that examine humans as social and individual beings as well as their development process in order to foster advanced female researchers and professionals with an interdisciplinary and practical approach. Division of Human Developmental Sciences offers a consistent style of education from the Master’s Program to the Doctoral Program, the latter of which is based on a stage system that provides systematic education aimed towards attaining a doctorate.


Educational Science

Students can research various areas of education, including philosophy, history, sociology, developmental studies, methodology, curriculum, etc. Graduates often advance to the doctoral course, seek to become teachers, or return to the education field after some time in the workforce. This department provides a diverse range of research opportunities.


Department of Psychology offers opportunities for conducting research together with leading faculty members having expertise in cognitive, developmental, social, educational, and health psychology. The program is designed to acquaint students with theories and research methods in psychology, and foster capacity for understanding and exploring various aspects of human mind and behavior.

Developmental and Clinical Psychology

Instructors in this program are scientist-practitioners with clinical experience in various settings, including hospitals, schools, the judiciary, organizational fields, etc. Students can therefore receive training from both research and clinical perspectives. The master’s program is a Type I approved institution of the Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists.

Applied Sociology

This program uses social science theories and methods to clarify and propose practical solutions for the various areas of concern facing modern society (communication, the media, gender, discrimination, regional issues, family, welfare, healthcare, etc.), with a focus on sociology.

Child Studies

This program assigns teachers to research childcare and childhood education from a diverse range of interdisciplinary fields, including education, childcare studies, developmental psychology, sociology, etc., the students determining “laboratories” with an emphasis on focusing themes and the process of considering research methodologies. This program includes many students who are already in the workforce.