Outline(The Division of Gender and Social Sciences)

28.03.2016 Update


Gender and Social Sciences Graduate Program offers master's degree leading to the doctoral program, "Interdisciplinary Gender Studies". The program is also affiliated with the Institute for Gender Studies, a part of the education and research organization for gender studies at Ochanomizu University. The graduate division pursues its own possibilities in social sciences research by critically analyzing gender theories.

The educational goals of Gender and Social Sciences Graduate Program lie in learning and research that will open the way to new realms in the 21st century, as well as in fostering internationally active women for a globalizing society in which men and women will be able to participate as equal members.

Upon completion of the master's program, a half of the graduates are expected to start careers in local or national governments as international government workers, NPO/NGO Workers, junior high and high school teachers, corporate employees, and researchers. Other graduates are expected to enter the doctoral programs in the Interdisciplinary Gender Studies program here at Ochanomizu University as well as those offered at universities abroad.

To provide a solid educational framework in gender studies and social sciences, "Gender and Social Science Theory" and "Basic Gender Theory" are prerequisite courses. Three advanced courses will be available for students who complete the prerequisite courses: Social and Family Policy; Geography and Environmental Studies; and Gender and Development Studies. Students will concentrate on the programs offered in each respective course; where they will develop expertise in a certain filed and have the opportunity of taking electives courses.

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