Greetings from the Dean(The Division of Advanced Sciences)

01.04.2019 Update

Greetings from the Dean

The Doctoral Program in Advanced Sciences is divided into the Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Computer Science. The faculty of these departments also teach in the corresponding departments of the division’s Master’s Program and in the departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Information Sciences of the university’s undergraduate Faculty of Science. Thus, the Doctoral Program in Advanced Sciences offers doctoral-level training in the fields represented by the undergraduate departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Information Sciences in the Faculty of Science. (The Department of Biology of the Faculty of Science corresponds to the Graduate School’s Division of Life Sciences.)

Owing to the dramatic advances that have taken place in science and technology in the modern age, those wishing to specialize in these fields need to study and master a huge amount of material. For this reason, scientific researchers and engineers need more than an undergraduate education, and many of the students who graduate from the Faculty of Science go on to the Master’s Program. For those students who are driven by the spirit of inquiry to go further and explore the frontiers of science and technology, there is the Doctoral Program in Advanced Sciences.

Doctoral students in the Division of Advanced Sciences can choose their study themes among a broad range of disciplines, from the basic sciences, which seek to explore humankind’s knowledge of the universe, to the applied sciences, which use the power of science to improve our lives. Of those who complete the program, the vast majority build careers as researchers or engineers, finding positions at universities, public agencies, private corporations, or other organizations. Although some people are still under the impression that anyone with a doctorate automatically joins the faculty of a university, in fact many of our graduates find work as researchers in private industry. Recently, with the globalization of companies, professionals with doctorates have been in increasing demand in the private sector. We expect all our students to pursue full-fledged research so that they acquire the sort of scientific approach and methodology they will need to be successful as advanced researchers or engineers.


Dean of the Division of Advanced Sciences

April 1, 2019

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