Cooperative Major in Human Centered Engineering

At present, there are very few women who work in the field of science and technology, so the fostering of women with advanced science and technology knowledge has become an big issue. It can be said that the fostering of female researchers and engineers with the perspectives of the technologies for ordinary people may be a new source of vitality that can support the future of Japan's industry.

The Cooperative Major in Human Centered Engineering program seeks to cultivate women with the ability to conduct research based on a flexible grasp of the various challenges of everyday human life, along with a broad understanding of various engineering fields, from the basics to applications.
*This cooperative major is based on the joint implementation system for university curricula established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. This system establishes a mechanism for forming joint educational programs that effectively utilize the education and research resources of multiple mutually collaborating universities.
The Cooperative Major in Human Centered Engineering is managed through the cooperation of Ochanomizu University and Nara Women's University. By effectively utilizing educational and research resources, the program provides high-quality education and research while seeking to take the lead in supporting cutting-edge interdisciplinary fields.