Essential Physics for Global LeadersⅠ 2015年10月7日開講


この度、このコースワークから、Essential Physics for Global LeadersⅠを開講することになりました。お茶の水女子大学非常勤講師 Anne-Laure Bianceが担当します。


Physics is a science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space and time. So it is mandatory to know its general principles in order to be able to describe our surroundings. Moreover, physical principles are involved in most new technological developments. It is then important to have a basic knowledge of the field to appreciate the ingeniousness of some everyday tools or to take decision in socio-economics with a better knowledge of the implication in physics.


科目名 Essential Physics for Global LeadersⅠ [15S1001]
講師 Anne-Laure Biance(お茶の水女子大学非常勤講師)
対象 博士前期・後期課程
内容 日時 場所 講義テーマ
10月7日(水) 10:40~12:10 人間文化研究科棟408室 Course 1: Classical mechanics, Newton law. Formation of groups and selection of article for the course project
10月14日(水) 10:40~12:10 人間文化研究科棟408室 Course 2: Classical mechanics, conservation of energy.
10月21日(水) 10:40~12:10 人間文化研究科棟408室 Course 3: Classical mechanics: oscillation and waves, resonance.
10月28日(水) 10:40~12:10 人間文化研究科棟408室 Course 4: Electricity: voltage, current, RLC circuit and resonance
11月4日(水) 10:40~12:10 人間文化研究科棟408室 Course 5: Electromagnetism: Electric and magnetic field
11月11日(水) 10:40~12:10 人間文化研究科棟408室 Course 6: Electromagnetism: light as an electric field (polarization).
11月18日(水) 9:00~12:10 人間文化研究科棟408室 Course 7: Thermodynamics: First and second principle (temperature and heat), phase transition.
11月25日(水) 10:40~12:10 人間文化研究科棟408室 Course 8: Thermodynamics: Ideal gas, heat engine/refrigerators
12月2日(水) 9:00~12:10 人間文化研究科棟408室 Course 9: Thermodynamics: ex: liquid solutions. Discussion about course project: design of small experiments to present in class.
1月6日(水) 10:40~12:10 人間文化研究科棟408室 Course 12: Optics: diffraction and interferences, LASER.
1月13日(水) 10:40~12:10 人間文化研究科棟408室 Course 13: Atomic, nuclear and particle physics (principles and radioactivity)
1月20日(水) 10:40~12:10 人間文化研究科棟408室 Course 14: Quantum physics (basics, spectroscopy + principle of fluorescence).
1月27日(水) 10:40~12:10 人間文化研究科棟408室 Course 15: Presentation, questions and answers.



The objective of this course is to give you a short presentation of various fields of physics, in order to provide you the general principles that would apply whatever the domain in physics you will have to deal with and to give you the clues to find the relevant information in the field you might need in the future.



履修登録期間: 10月 1日 ~ 10月14日


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