Essential Engineering & Technology for Global Leaders Ⅱ 2015年5月27日開講

Tripette特任准教授 イノベーションを起こす人材となるための要件は、専門分野において学位を授与されるレベルの深い専門性をもち、物理・数学・情報の異なる専門分野にまたがる新たな課題を見出し解決していくだけの基盤力を有することです。グローバル理工学副専攻では、基盤力強化のためのコースワーク(イノベーション創成基盤科目)を設置しています。
この度、このコースワークから、Essential Engineering & Technology for Global LeadersⅡを開講することになりました。講師は、お茶の水女子大学プロジェクト教育研究院のJulien Tripette特任准教授が担当します。


Do your own robot! This class is designed to help students with no background in engineering or programming to have a first experience in robotic. Another important objective is to improve students’ project management abilities. During the third lecture, students will be dispatched in several teams. Then during the remaining lectures, they will participate to a game the aim of which is to build the best robot according to one given theme.


科目名 Essential Engineering & Technology for Global LeadersⅡ[15S1023]
講師 Tripette, Julien (お茶の水女子大学プロジェクト教育研究院特任准教授)
対象 博士前期・後期課程
場所 総合研究棟8F 805室
内容 日時 講義テーマ
  • May 27th (1h30): Guidance.
  • June 3rd (3h): Installation of programming software, and practical works.
  • June 17th (3h): Team selection, project management basics, game rules and kick-off.
  • July 1st (4h30): Project.
  • July 15th (4h30): Project.
  • July 29th (4h30): Project.
  • August 3rd (1h30): Game final.
  • The lecture plan mostly follows a biweekly pattern. Wednesdays in the interval are considered as spares.
6月 3日(水)13:20~16:30
7月 1日(水)13:20~18:10
8月 5日(水)※変更になりました
8月 3日(月)13:20~14:50


Note that students do not need to have completed the Essential Engineering and Technology for Global Leaders – I to participate in this class. No engineering, robotic, programming or art background is required to attend this class. Easy-to-use educational material will be used. Students with different backgrounds are expected to take this class. Because most of the lectures are organized as a role-playing game, it is preferable to have as many students as possible. Do not hesitate to invite your lab mates and ochadai friends. Please, contact Julien at the following address for additional information:


Essential Engineering & Technology for Global LeadersⅠを履修していない方も履修登録できます。
履修登録期間: 4月 7日 ~ 4月20日


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Tel: 03-5978-5775