Human Developmental Sciences

03.04.2017 Update

Human Developmental Sciences offers diverse courses in its master’s and doctoral programs that take an academic, interdisciplinary, and applicative approach to the study of humans and their development as social and individual beings. The programs aim to foster leading women researchers and professionals.

Educational Science

Students will conduct research on education through various approaches, learning about a wide range of phenomena in education from early childhood to adulthood, in Japan and abroad, both past and present.


Our program has five major areas of specialization in psychology: cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, social psychology, and health psychology. With guidance from faculty members with each specialty area, students will conduct in-depth research in each field and acquire a wide range of advanced research methodologies and knowledge. Students will also learn cutting-edge psychological research (neurophysiology, crossnational research, media psychology, health psychology, and developmental psychopathology).

Developmental and Clinical Psychology

Students will receive training from both clinical and research standpoints from faculty members with clinical experience in hospitals, schools, and legal and industrial institutions.

Applied Sociology/Sociology and Social Policies

Students will use the methodologies of the social sciences, centering on sociology, to analyze various issues of contemporary society (e.g., communication, media, gender, power, discrimination, community, family, welfare, medical care, conflict, crime), and will explore their solutions.

Child Studies

With guidance from faculty members who research child studies in such borderline fields as developmental psychology, sociology of education, early childhood care and education, and praxeology, students will pursue research-oriented studies that emphasize a thematic focus and the review process of research methodology.

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