Weekly Lunch Seminar by Yamamoto-Ravenor Roxanna on May 19

The 14th Lunch Seminar


Yamamoto-Ravenor Roxanna

Lunch Seminar

Lunch Seminar

Date and time: Tuesday, May 19th, from 12h20.
Place: Science Building 3, Room 207-209
Speaker: Yamamoto-Ravenor Roxanna
Title: Global rivalries – Transnistria

On a different note, this presentation is a social science one. While natural sciences are mainly objective, social sciences are subjective.

Transnistria is a country unmarked on any map, in a long-standing conflict with Moldova, after the secessionist movement in 1992. Global and local leaders, mediators, social scientists, journalists addressed the Transnistrian issue in numerous ways, all subjective, and so will I. But while Russophiles blame EU and Europhiles blame Russia, I side with none.

Most attempts to produce ideas for a conflict resolution or settlement start with the 1990’s, when the war broke, focused mainly on the enormous weapons stockpile, the trafficking and all the miserable things that make the image of this country. Yet, we will take a conflict transformation approach and a journey way back to the 1930’s, the time when the two regions were united to create a republic that well served the great economy of the Soviet Union, arguing for a quickening of such collective memories and production sites in order to transform conflict and separation into peace and prosperity through economic regionalization.