Weekly Lunch Seminar by Atsuko Sato on May 12

The 13th Lunch Seminar


Dr. Atsuko Sato


Lunch Seminar

Date and time: Tuesday, May 12th, from 12h20.

Place: Graduate School of Humanities & Sciences Building, room 604

Speaker: Atsuko Sato (Biology)

Title: Eco-Evo-Devo: a new synthesis of evolutionary biology

How environment interact with organismal evolution has been under much debate over a century. I have been interested in finding out molecular mechanisms underlying organismal adaptation under environmental stress. A core discussion will be on Waddington’s genetic assimilation – which has attracted many biologists but not fully tested in the light of modern molecular biology. I will discuss recent discoveries and debates over this hypothesis, and how my project grows in Ocha-dai to find evidences to support this hypothesis.