Weekly Lunch Seminar by Simon Devitt on April 14

The 10th Lunch Seminar

Prof. Simon Devitt

Dr. Simon Devitt

Lunch Seminar

Lunch Seminar

Date and time: Tuesday, April 14th, from 12h20.

Place: Faculty of Science Conference Room (Science Building 3, Room 207-209)

Speaker: Simon Devitt

Title: Quantum information may answer why you never truly disappear when you fall into a black hole.

The black hole information paradox is one of the most interesting problems that intersect quantum information and cosmology. While quantum theory states that information at its most basic level is never destroyed, the well established properties of black holes suggested that all
information content of anything falling into a black hole is irrevocably destroyed. In this talk I discuss a possible resolution to this paradox.
Through the well established protocol of quantum teleportation and the phenomena known as hawking radiation we combine the two to show
how the information content is transferred from inside to the outside the black hole, meaning that while you are still dead, a black hole doesn’t
actually destroy you.