Essential Chemistry for Global LeadersⅠto begin on April 10, 2018 (Location changed)

 Class List of Spring Semester 2018

“Essential Chemistry for Global LeadersⅠ” will begin on April 10. This is a class for students in “Minor Course of Science and Technology for Global Leaders”. But all master’s & doctoral students can take it if you have interest. The class will be conducted in English.

Theme & Objective

An introduction to the fundamentals of chemistry for the non-chemistry specialist. The fundamental science will be linked to real world examples through regular reading assignments.

Message to Students

Prof. RichardsThis course is meant as a basic introduction to the fundamentals of chemistry. The lectures themselves will focus mainly on the fundamental science – the chemical ideas – which will be placed into the context of social and industrial needs through reading assignments – the chemical storylines. Although the chemistry discussed in this course will be too simple for the chemistry specialist, chemistry students are welcome to attend to help with their chemistry English!

Lecture Outline

Essential Chemistry for Global LeadersⅠ [18S1002]
Number of Credits
Richards, Gary James (Project Associate Professor of Ochanomizu University)
Target Audience
Graduate Students
Graduate School of Humanities & Sciences Building R408
Graduate School of Humanities & Sciences Building R102 for July 10 and 17
Date & Time
Tuesday, Period 3-4 (10:40-12:10)
April 10, 17, 24
May 8, 15, 22, 29
June 5, 12, 19, 26
July 3, 10, 17, 24
Lecture Plan
  • Week 1 : Measuring amounts of a substance. Chemical formulae. Moles.
  • Week 2 : Solutions and concentration
  • Week 3 : Atomic Structure. Nuclear reactions. Radioisotopes.
  • Week 4 : Electronic structure and the periodic table.
  • Week 5 : Chemical Bonding. Ionic Bonds. Covalent bonds. Electronegativity.
  • Week 6 : Shapes of Molecules. Isomerism.
  • Week 7 : Energy out, energy in. Enthalpy cycles.
  • Week 8 : Bond enthalpies. Entropy and mixing.
  • Week 9 : Polymers. Addition polymerisation. Thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.
  • Week10 : Functional Polymers.
  • Week11 : Organic chemistry. Alkanes and alkenes and their reactions.
  • Week12 : Arenes and their reactions.
  • Week13 : Alcohols and Ethers.
  • Week14 : Halogenoalkanes.
Salters Advanced Chemistry: Chemical Storylines (AS) and Chemical Ideas (AS)


Registration Period: Mon., April 9 through Sat., April 21
If you cannot register during above period, please contact Academic Affairs Office in Student Affairs Building.


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