Essential Culture & Arts for Global Leaders to begin on July 25, 2016

Prof. Midori Nishiura    “Essential Culture & Arts for Global Leaders” will begin on July 25. Prof. Midori Nishiura, an expert in global communications, will be in charge of this lecture.
    This lecture is designed as one of the “Doctoral Program Liberal Arts” for “Minor Course of Science and Technology for Global Leaders”. The lecture is open to all master’s & doctoral students who want to be active in the international community no matter which major/minor course they belong to. The lecture will be conducted in English.

Lecture Objectives

Preparing for the future opportunities
Balance——Skills can be learnt but sense of moral and good thinking cannot
*Preparing for the future, world of contemporary workplace
*Teaching “people skills”, essential for global leaders
*Helping to lay foundation for future plans(careers)
*Teaching to be competitive in numerous areas of ideas
*Encouraging to expand horizons
*Helping to discover new perspectives
*Teaching to free one’s mind, gaining skills to defend/express one’s pint of view
*Helping to see the difference, reflect on life, beauty, justice, and opposites
*Helping to provide moral scale/compass
*Preparing for a wide spectrum of opportunities in the future

Lecture Outline

Subject Essential Culture & Arts for Global Leaders [16S1016]
Instructor Midori Nishiura (Visiting Professor of Ochanomizu University)
Theme Preparing for the future opportunities
Target Audience Graduate Students
Mon., July 25  13:20-18:10  Graduate School of Humanities & Sciences Build. R604
Tue., July 26  13:20-18:10  Graduate School of Humanities & Sciences Build. R604
Thu., July 28  13:20-15:30  Graduate School of Humanities & Sciences Build. R604
15:30-18:10  Fieldwork at Ichigaya Memorial Hall
Sat., July 30    9:00-12:10  self-study
13:20-18:10  Fieldwork at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
Contents 1. International Relations
2. Benefit of knowing languages
3. What do we learn from wonderful books? (Literature)
4. 100 people, 100 minds
5. Human relations
6. If music be the food of love
7. What do we know about our Defense Policies
8. Kabuki, a “must” experience (Visiting Kabukiza)
9. Religions worldwide
10. Space technologies, Japan and other nations
11. Diversity, Women Empowerment
12. Social & Humanity studies
13. Embassy and it’s role, What is Ambassador’s job?
14. Yakimono, Nurimono, East meets West
15. Importance of Japan Diplomacy through dining
Nota bene: The necessary expenses required for outside of classroom activities will be announced accordingly in due course.
The order of these lectures will be subject to change.


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