Essential History for Global Leaders to begin on June 5, 2014

Prof. Midori Nishiura  “Essential History for Global Leaders” will be offered.
  This lecture is one of the “Doctoral Program Liberal Arts” which is a coursework for fostering global female leaders.
  Everyone can take this lecture, even if you are not in “Minor Course of Science and Technology for Global Leaders”.
  We recommend the lecture for all master’s & doctoral students who want to be active in the international community. The lecture will be conducted in English.

Lecture Goals

*Understanding and knowledge of History
*Developing an interest in Recent History
*Exploring a variety of approaches to different aspects of History
*Exploring different interpretations of particular historical issues
*Appreciation of human endeavour
*Appreciation and developing empathy with people from different places and roots, at different times.
*Lastly, but not least, developing skills to be able to think independently, and to be able to make informed judgments on different issues.

Lecture Outline

Subject Essential History for Global Leaders [14S1015]
Instructor Midori Nishiura (Visiting Professor of Ochanomizu University)
Theme In the eyes of beholder?
Target Audience Graduate Students
Location Graduate School of Humanities & Sciences Building, Room 607
Lecture Schedule
Thu., June 5  9:00 – 12:10
Tue., June 10  9:00 – 12:10
Thu., June 12  9:00 – 12:10
Tue., June 17  9:00 – 12:10
Thu., June 19 13:20 – 16:30   *Check Lecture Time
Tue., June 24  9:00 – 12:10
Thu., June 26  9:00 – 14:50   *Check Lecture Time
Thu., June 5 What is History?
Going through ancient times globally
Tue., June 10 Placing spotlight on Recent History
Wars in various regions and countries, why?
Thu., June 12 Notable revolutions of the world
Communism Government
Tue., June 17 Imperialism, and New Imperialism
Democratic Government
Thu., June 19 Nationalism—-in different countries
Reflecting on Japanese History
Tue., June 24 Reflecting on recent Japan since Meiji era
Thu., June 26 Presentations
What course do we need to take?
Importance of endeavouring to keep world peace

Lecture Brochure (in Japanese)


For now, web registration is not available. Please submit a paper-based registration form at Academic Affairs Office in Student Affairs Building.
Registration Period: May 19 through June 9


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