Weekly Lunch Seminar by Gary Richards(4月7日)

The 9th Lunch Seminar

Prof. Gary Richards

Dr. Gary Richards

Lunch Seminar

Lunch Seminar

Date and time: Tuesday, April 7th, from 12:20.

Place: 化学第一講義室 (Science building 1, room 415)

Speaker: Gary Richards

BODIPY Derivatives Dithiacrown Ether Showing Combined Incorporating Substituents Environmental Polarity and Heavy Metal Cation Sensing Functionality

A series of novel BODIPY derivatives was prepared, which all show a strong variation in photoluminescence quantum yields based on solvent polarity due to a photoinduced electron transfer (PeT) mechanism. The BODIPY was further elaborated with crown ether and dithiacrown ether units, which can bind various metal cations. The resulting compounds exhibit fluorescent properties that are not only affected by environmental polarity, but also through binding of appropriate cations including the highly toxic heavy metals Hg2+ and Pb2+.